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Welcome to TechRabbit

The Technology Blog of TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects neighbors to get things done. Since 2008, we've been building websites and services, and now it's time to share what we've learned (in true neighborly fashion). We want to contribute back to the open source communities which we've leveraged to build our business. This blog is our place to announce new tools, techniques, and projects.

At TaskRabbit, we are a primarily Ruby-on-Rails shop, but we also do work in iOS, Android, node.js, Sinatra, JavaScript, Python, and more. We use MySQL (PXC), Elasticsearch, Postgres, Memcached, Redis, Riak, Couchbase and a whole gamut of cloud hosting providers and tools. If these topics interest you, then we invite you keep on reading!


Blog Posts

04 Jun 2015

Big Decimal

ruby math

30 Apr 2015

On Tooling


27 Aug 2014


node ops

01 Apr 2014

Node Resque

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